Find Your Inner Peace

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More Money = More peace

Dreams Come True = More peace

Life full of Comforts, Luxuries = More Peace

If you believe in any of the equation, think again.

The universal fact is that inner peace is not dependent on outer circumstances or any materialistic things. Inner peace comes from within an individual.

Often when we achieve something or finish some assigned task successfully, we experience a brief moment of happiness and peace. But soon we forget this and move on to the next task. This kind of sense of inner peace is short lived, and is unstable. At that moment our mind is relieved, though temporarily, from the constant thinking and planning. So we experience inner peace and happiness.

Inner peace is the result of a calm mind, so if we are able to train our mind, we would experience inner peace and happiness always, irrespective of external situations.

Like Buddha said, “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

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