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Usha was born in Sindh into a family whose home was over seven-hundred years old. When she was sixteen months old, she was struck with Polio and was paralyzed in both her legs. After Western medical doctors gave no hope for a full recovery of mobility in her legs, her parents took her to meet Sain Nasir Fakir, a Sufi Saint in Jalalani Sharif. She was five years old then, but still remembers that meeting as if it was yesterday. She still feels his palm on her head patting her as he told her parents not to worry and that she would walk as she grew older. He told Usha that she would be a remarkable healer of spirit and body, unique & powerful in her abilities to help and heal people from all over the world. To this day, doctors shake their head in disbelief as she has no muscles in her knees but is able to walk. They have run countless tests on her to understand how her body can do that. Western science has no explanation, Usha knows, it is a miracle and feels very blessed on a daily basis. Her intense Clairvoyant and Psychic abilities to predict events correctly were proven many times over since she was a little girl. Family members, neighbors, friends and acquaintances would rely on her to help them with their questions since she was a young girl. Her great sense of humor and strong faith in God has endeared many to her unique charm. Graduating with a degree in International Relations, she went on to study further and live in many different countries in Europe and Asia. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge about different traditions and has been taught various techniques of charting out one’s future, creating harmonic living patterns and fine-tuning her clairvoyant gifts by a number of Gurus (teachers). She assists clients on many aspects of their lives with her Psychic excellence in giving details about dates, times, people and places.


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Usha has always known that she was put on this earth for helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. She has been helping people for the past five decades. Her clairvoyant powers and correct predictions have been proven true time and time again. She will help you understand the choices that you will encounter and the outcome of those choices. The depth of her individualized reading is unique to every single person requesting her assistance. She will enable you to be armed with knowledge of your soul’s path so that you may live a spiritually enlightened life. She shares all this with love and compassion coming from the heart of a true teacher and friend. Her amazing accuracy has made many skeptics believers in her strong psychic capabilities. Her clientele is spread over Asia, Europe, the Middle East and USA. She has a long list of satisfied clients from all walks of life, including Fortune 500 companies to Hollywood A-listers. Many celebrities consult her on a continuous basis. Usha was personally put to the test and was amazed to see how Reiki and Tantric energy healing, had helped ease her terminally ill father’s pain and discomfort, caused by the spreading cancer and now uses this healing energy medium, to help persons with severe physical pain. Sufferers of pain from migraines, arthritis and other debilitating diseases have relied on Usha to help them with long distance or in-person healing. A consultation with Usha, whether in-person or over the phone will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have connected with a true guide. She can help you in your life with honesty and integrity. She lives in the Bay Area, Northern California, where she guides clients in person and over the phone. She is often invited to hold workshops and give lectures and still finds time to be writing a book.

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